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Consultation Fees

The initial consultation fee (MBS Item Number 104) is the same for both privately insured and public (uninsured) patients referred to our rooms.Subsequent consultations fees (MBS Item Number 105) are also the same for both privately insured and public patients.

The consultation fee not only covers the services provided by the surgeon directly to patients, but also the costs involved with administrative expenses of running our practice. Additionally, after each consultation, correspondence and reports are sent directly to the referring doctor and the consultation fee is inclusive of the expenses associated with this service.

Privately Insured Patients

Private patients requiring surgical procedures can choose to have their surgery to be performed at St John of God Bendigo, Bendigo Health, Bendigo Day Surgery and Castlemaine Heath depending on the complexity of surgery. An informed financial consent form will be given to all patients once surgery booking is completed. 

Public (Uninsured) Patients

Public (uninsured) patients requiring surgical procedures are either expedited through Castlemaine Health or waitlisted at Bendigo Health, at no extra cost other than the consultation fees outlined above. Dr Lee directly performs all aspects of procedures expedited through Castlemaine Health, whilst at Bendigo Health - a major regional teaching hospital - components of the surgery may be performed by a supervised surgical trainee.

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